Is Vanguard Global Ventures a Scam?


When I decided to ask the question, is Vanguard Global Ventures a scam,  I had no idea what I would find. Anyone who has spent time looking into home business opportunities probably knows there are too many scams out there. If not out and out scams, then questionable practices for sure.

There are many stories about investing hard earned money in a program or opportunity only to lose it all. Unfortunately, these kinds of stories are becoming more the norm rather than the exception. Others have stories about programs disappearing overnight with their money leaving them high and dry. Often they have no way to contact anyone to try to recoup the money.

Another less obvious kind of scam is when there isn’t “full disclosure” upfront about the costs involved. This might not exactly be a scam, but it isn’t exactly honest and certainly isn’t a way to build trust. Some join a program believing the cost will be affordable only to find they weren’t told they would need to pay for web hosting, merchant accounts, or some other hidden cost.

Indicators to Tell If Vanguard Global Ventures is a Scam

So, when I looked at Vanguard Global Ventures, I looked for the indicators that exist in programs that are not above board. First, I wanted to see if Vanguard makes any wild claims like so many ads you see in the biz op publications. Second, I intended to find out the true cost of joining the program compared with what people are being told.

I also wanted to take a good look at the compensation plan to see if a person really could make money with Vanguard. I was definitely looking for any hidden costs or upsells or anything that would make the program more expensive than how it was being presented. The other thing I wanted to find out was the kind of support available once you join. And, finally, I wanted to come away from this with a good idea if Vanguard will be here for the long term.

So, after having taken a thorough look at the program, I’m ready to answer the question, “Is Vanguard Global Ventures a Scam?”.

To answer that question, I’ll go through what I found out so you can decide for yourself. Here’s what I found:

To begin with, Vanguard is built on forty plus years of successful home business experience so it has the elements needed for success. Two successful entrepreneurs joined forces to combine their expertise, knowledge, and money to build Vanguard from the ground up. That explains why it has a solid foundation.

On the twice weekly conference calls, prospects are told up front that they should commit to Vanguard for a year to see the results. In fact, they tell you that Vanguard is not a get-rich-quick type of program and they discourage that kind of thinking. So, no wild claims to be found.

Is Vanguard Global Ventures Pay Plan a Scam?

From my research, I found out that Vanguard has two levels of enrollments. With an enrollment, you are provided a website with your own auto responder. There are no upsells or products to buy. So, the cost to get into the program is exactly what you are told. The website makes it clear that you are provided postcards and leads with your enrollment but will need to pay postage. What you see is what you get when you join.

I also took a good look at the compensation plan. This was easy to find because all the information is laid out right on the website for anyone to see. The website explains the three tiered pay system and shows how you can pay for your enrollment with three members. It’s all there in black and white. No surprises here.

Next I researched the support you are given when you join. What I discovered was that you can both call and email the founders directly. This is almost unheard of in a program of this scope. You can actually get all your questions answered directly by someone who really knows what they’re talking about. So, in terms of support, Vanguard passes the test.

Last but not least, I wanted to get a good idea if Vanguard will be around for the long term. After all, that is an important consideration when choosing a home business. And my answer to that is, definitely. Vanguard has all the aspects to ensure that it will last. The founders are continuously making improvements and are dedicated to making Vanguard the best home based program out there.

So, one more time, in answer to the question is Vanguard Global Ventures a scam, the answer is a resounding, “No”!


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Success Without Limits,

Debra Moore



  1. Patrick Hicks says:


    I have my doubts as to whether you’re an independent reviewer. More likely, you’re part of VGV. Anyway, I’d like to know first what the “product or service” is that would motivate people to join? Is it just the MLM aspect?

    • Debra Moore says:

      I am a Vanguard member. With that being said, I would never recommend something I didn’t believe in. Vanguard is a solid business. If you read the website, you’ll find the product is leads. No, it isn’t an MLM. Vanguard has been IRS approved and that why I can say it is a legitimate business. Check out the information at http://www.DM7Marketing.info and see for yourself.

  2. derrick morton says:

    hi.been looking at vgv for sometime now ,and have not found anything negative,emails from a vanguard member clearly stated that this will take some time,and will not happen overnight,when I can meet the ongoing enrollment fees I will become a vanguard member,its seems fairly obvious that if debra moore or any other member has been doing vgv for some time ,they will only continue to do so because they are making profits,as vgv do the work there surely is less chance of members failing through error,a no brainer really,

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